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Fish.Net | Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Fish.Net is Fifteen!

Happy Birthday to us!

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, the only people using the Web were geeks, the curious and those who listened to people like Fish.Net’s four founding directors.

For in 1995, Web pages took an age to download and displayed just basic text and images.  Google wasn’t even a research paper (with work not beginning on it until January 1996), and the idea that we would be able to access virtually any information from a portable handset that we made telephone calls on was still the domain of futurists and sci-fi/Jetsons fan-fic writers.

Companies still needed persuading that email made the fax machine archaic.  With all this in mind, some must have looked at Fish.Net’s Managing Director Chris Paterson and Operations Director Michele Hayes’ quest to raise awareness of the Internet and help businesses exploit the capabilities of this emerging technology and wondered what planet they were on.

But for Fish.Net the opportunities were clear to see, and fifteen years on we have the luxury of hindsight backing up our instinct.

We have helped hundreds of small, medium and large companies, government-funded initiatives, individuals and charities take their first tentative steps onto the Web and grow their presences into major revenue-driving channels.

The dot-com bubble has boomed and bust, and many rising stars such as fashion e-store and browser manufacturer Netscape have since burnt-out.  Fish.Net has remained on course throughout its 15 years by aligning technology with demonstrable business needs.

Here’s to the next 15 years!

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