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Fish.Net | Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Michele has the ‘W’ Factor!

Getting into the (wine) community spirit

When Fish.Net talks about its work within the community, the Tesco Wine Community isn’t quite what we have in mind.

Nevertheless, our Operations Director Michele Hayes most ably demonstrated¬†that she has the ‘W’ Factor by eulogising the wonders of ¬†a “lovely Australian¬†Chardonnay”* at a recent wine fair – and now she’s through to the finals!

Look out for Michele in the purple floral dress around the 7 and 11-14 second marks…

Far be it from me to suggest that Michele is never happier than when she’s wining!

*Of course, Michele isn’t actually that keen on Australian Chardonnay – it doesn’t travel too well…

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