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Business | Web | Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Don’t give me your spam problem

Scrap those contact form CAPTCHAs

I hate CAPTCHAs.

You know – those irritating tests that you have to do on websites to prove that you are human, rather than a machine.  They try to cut down on the amount of spam that website owners receive, or to stop nefarious coders scraping all your site data or monopolising the resources of the server that the site is stored on.

I can just about put up with them on some sites.  Google’s keyword research tool uses a CAPTCHA to stop misuse of its keyword database, for example, but only when you haven’t logged in.

But I draw the line at CAPTCHAs on contact forms.  Why add an extra hurdle to prospects actively making contact with you?  You might find that I’ll just go elsewhere.

Get too much spam?  Get a decent spam filter instead – don’t push your spam problem onto me.

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